The Art of modern
November 10, 2020
Successful people become great leaders when they learn to shift the focus from themselves to others.
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
Live from California
Do you think you have the qualities of a leader capable of running a large company?
Becoming the BOSS
Result orientation
Drives to results
Stops from seeing things from a different perspective
Not to be allowed – personal sympathy can affect the grow of the company
Creating a team of like-minded people and favourites
Making the job complicated
Can help to acquire competitive advantage
Reluctant to share knowledge
Becoming the BOSS
Becoming the BOSS
A few words about Dr. Marshall Goldsmith (USA)
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is the world authority in helping successful leaders achieve positive lasting change in behaviour: for themselves, their people and their teams.
Marshall Goldsmith has been named the #1 Leadership Ideologist by "Harvard Business Review" and "Best Practices Institute".
The American Management Association has named Marshall as one of the 50 great ideologues who have influenced management development over the past 80 years.
Winner of the prestigious Thinkers 50 Leadership Award, presented to the world's best thinkers in leadership.
Author and co-author of 41 books, including Triggers, MOJO, Best Version of Yourself, Jump Over Your Head, You Can Do More. The books have been translated into 32 languages. The total circulation is over 2.5 million copies.
In February 2016, named the Top 100 Books on Leadership and Success. Marshall is one of only two authors with two books on this list.
His books have repeatedly led the ratings of The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.
Marshall consulted
Ford CEO
World Bank President
U.S. Army Generals
The leaders of the International Red Cross and more than 200 other managers of large companies
Program Outline
Part I
Learning 'What to Stop' as a Leader – and Using Feedforward
  • The classic challenges that come with success in leadership
  • How to use 'What to Stop' in leadership development and coaching
  • Practicing and becoming ready to use feedforward
Part II
The classic challenges that come with success in leadership
How to use 'What to Stop' in leadership development and coaching
Practicing and becoming ready to use feedforward
A proven process for Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Asking for input
  • Listening actively
  • Thinking and analyzing what you here
  • Thanking people and expressing gratitude
  • Responding to feedback
  • Involving key stakeholders
  • Changing behavior
  • Following-up to ensure long-term positive change
'Leadership Is a Contact Sport' – research from over 86,000 respondents from around the world
Part III
Building Teams – and Leading a Larger Organization
  • Team Building without Time Wasting
  • The Stakeholder Centered Leadership Process
  • Two case studies of massive, positive change
  • How the process can go beyond the team to a larger organization
  • Keys to successful implementation
Part IV
Using Daily Questions to Increase Individual Effectiveness – and Build Employee Engagement
  • The history of employee engagement
  • Focus on individual – not just organizational responsibility
  • The Daily Question Process
  • Daily Question Practice
  • The value of active questions
  • Active question research
10 November, 2020
15.00p.m. – 16.30p.m.
Session 1
16.30p.m. – 16.55p.m.
Coffee break
16.55p.m. – 18.25p.m.
Session 2
18.25p.m. – 19.05p.m.
19.05p.m. – 20.35p.m.
Session 3
20.35p.m. – 21.00p.m.
Coffee break
21.00p.m. – 22.30p.m.
Session 4
The qualities that led us to success at the previous stage hinder us further!
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
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Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
10 november, 2020
The Art of modern leadership
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